Portrait Session on Farmhouse-I

We had a fun photo shoot recently for couple of my co-workers. I will be sharing the pictures in two parts. These were done together on the same day.

The day was clear bright. We went to the farmhouse of one of the girl- Megha, in outskirts of Dehradun. Circled with mango orchards, tractor in the front with farm dog and other cattle. Such a good life! wide crop fields in the back of the house with canals from the British era. Lovely Megha, very pretty and camera friendly!













Secluded Goa

Goa- My love for slow pace life, where time stand still. As if nothing is important than enjoying the experience itself. I loooove secluded beaches, where you can stay in small cottages, soaking sun and dipping in the sea at your leisure with unlimited supply of wine! What else you need in life? The salty air through tropical palms and sand on slippers.

Goa Touches you like no other place and Agonda tops my list. It is a small dreamy village with minimum nightlife. Don’t believe me, checkout the pictures yourself.











Jaipur – The shiny city of pink dust

Hi there!! 🙂

The sand city of shine and pink dust. Jaipur. The visit over extended weekend was amazing. I stayed at an old restored haveli, more of a homestay as the owners keep the place running with the help of few staff. The place was simple and elegant with all comfort. The food was suitable to the palette of western tongue. I loved it. Overall a friendly place. Went for some sightseeing and plenty of shopping gottapatti work and silver jewelry. The place is exactly the way I have always imagined. When I am at any new place, I try to feel the pulse of the city, to soak myself in the vibe. I try not to be the part of the touristy stuff as much as possible and try to relax and do my thing at my own pace.

Jaipur is colorful and does have an old world charm to it. Go see it for yourself…












Himalayan Paradise- Manali

Hello lovely readers!

It seems that the blog is turning into the travelogue lately. Yes I am travelling more often than ever. Being an Aries, travel lust has been a part of my system always. It seems to surface now and manifesting in different folds. I am more of seeker by being. So this leads me at spiritual quest to Manali. It was the cheapest and the luxurious stay I had. Okay fine, I stayed at friend’s place. 😉 I didn’t visited touristy places surrounding the town rather just stayed and soaked myself in the divinity. The most fulfilling trip so far. A part in me will always long for Manali.

Few things not to be missed in Manali!

  • Go for forest walk- There is little pathway for Vanvihar starting from Hadimba Temple till Mall. It worth walking down. We plucked wild mushrooms and cooked dinner with it. Just be sure that you are very accurate in identifying the edible ones. Few of them can be poisonous. Just a caution.
  • Visit Apple orchards- If you are lucky enough to visit Manali in the apple season, paying visit to the apple orchard will transport you to another world. We stayed at the house surrounded by apple trees.
  • Leisure trekking- there are few small routes in old Manali for leisure trekking. These might lead you to some magical spots.

Now I will transport you to the Himalayan paradise!

DSC_8187 copy

DSC_8202 copy

DSC_8214 copy

DSC_8229 copy

DSC_8258 copy

DSC_8287 copy

DSC_8296 copy

DSC_8313 copy

DSC_8314 copy

DSC_8339 copy

DSC_8363 copy

DSC_8386 copy

DSC_8388 copy

DSC_8396 copy

DSC_8460 copy

DSC_8469 copy

DSCN6530 copy



Have you been to Manali? I would love to know your story. Please share in the comments section.