Zorba around the city- Chapter 1 Buddha Temple Dehradun


If you, like me, love elegant, very stylish and comfy shopping precisely every now and then, which does not burn a hole in your pocket, then one of the best shopping destinations I have discovered in Dehradun is surprisingly the small shopping area inside the Tibetan colony in the Mindrolling Monastery in Clement Town.

There are lots of things to do at this side of the city. Of course bearing the benefits of being in the Buddha field and when you are done relaxing you can go out and shop your heart out from the various shops for anything which is chic and dramatically affordable.



If you prefer having a mixed wardrobe which comprise high fashion brands and flea market pieces side-by-side, trust me you will find the best designs and quality with awesome prices. Shops are numbered there. Check accessories at shop no.3, handbags at shop no. 8, cotton pants at shop no. 9 and trendy outfits at shop no. 4. Though the prices are fixed and you won’t get a chance to enjoy the haggling here but whatever the tags are they are very much worth every rupee.

I love love hanging out at the up-town café which is the part of Norjin restaurant just outside the main entrance for the monastery.. Did I mentioned the Walnut pastry here is the answer to CCD’s Dark fantasy,, just a bit better though..




Next time you are planning for visiting Buddha Temple in Dehradun… you might try this new way.. its totally worth it.

(Note: This is not the promotional blog. All inputs are originally mine and I have not been hired to write this. 

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