Jaipur – The shiny city of pink dust

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The sand city of shine and pink dust. Jaipur. The visit over extended weekend was amazing. I stayed at an old restored haveli, more of a homestay as the owners keep the place running with the help of few staff. The place was simple and elegant with all comfort. The food was suitable to the palette of western tongue. I loved it. Overall a friendly place. Went for some sightseeing and plenty of shopping gottapatti work and silver jewelry. The place is exactly the way I have always imagined. When I am at any new place, I try to feel the pulse of the city, to soak myself in the vibe. I try not to be the part of the touristy stuff as much as possible and try to relax and do my thing at my own pace.

Jaipur is colorful and does have an old world charm to it. Go see it for yourself…












Mussorie- a weekend trip

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I am here with the new post. I went to Mussorie on a weekend trip. Now Mussorie in July turns into this surreal world, the way most Himalayan hill towns do. The air is crisp and fresh. You not only inhale the purity but also the mystic liveliness of the nature. If you are a nature freak like me, you have much of nothingness to do in place like Mussorie. However for the city folks you can have a planned foodwalk of its kind. However since I have been going there like forever, I have this routine I stick to when I am there. There is nothing much to buy, usual stuff and brands you can buy anywhere else.

Food walk- you should start from the library chauk and walk down till Domino’s then you can first stop at Amitash… amazing Tibetan food my personal favorite is veg fried momos. Within 10 foot walking distance you will see a very tiny place called Casa-Mia… awesome bakery, not more than a hole in the wall but it cane give run of money to many places in Delhi I know. My personal favorite is walnut brownie and fruit cream. After a small stroll you will come to chick chocolate, fancy cafĂ©. Great for shakes and pizzas. Now walking a distance near the church you will see the best omelet shop in whole India. No that not my grading. India today gave this certificate to Lovely omelets and I completely second them. You might have to wait for hours darlings if not more to get the seat inside the tiny shop. But I tell you its totally worth it.
Turn your gear to relax mode and immerse yourself in the pristine washed surroundings. 🙂


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Rajpur Village Trail

Hello beautiful people! 🙂

A new post for my project Around the City- Dehradun.

I did this tiny travel thing, you know, not much, just took the simple path the city bus follows from clement town to Rajpur village and back.

Occasional breaks on the road just to soak in the fresh air and view. Did pretty much nothing very slow and relaxing outing. Totally worth it.

Got lucky and saw few pretty birds in the wild, very undisturbed by human presence. I love birds in the sky. Some people buy these creatures for home decor and put them in cages, completely hate it. There is something which the free birds have, the liveliness which you kill once you put them in cage.

Few Random shots. 🙂 Enjoy

Credit: Few Pictures By Pranay Sarpal









Zorba around the city- Chapter 1 Buddha Temple Dehradun


If you, like me, love elegant, very stylish and comfy shopping precisely every now and then, which does not burn a hole in your pocket, then one of the best shopping destinations I have discovered in Dehradun is surprisingly the small shopping area inside the Tibetan colony in the Mindrolling Monastery in Clement Town.

There are lots of things to do at this side of the city. Of course bearing the benefits of being in the Buddha field and when you are done relaxing you can go out and shop your heart out from the various shops for anything which is chic and dramatically affordable.



If you prefer having a mixed wardrobe which comprise high fashion brands and flea market pieces side-by-side, trust me you will find the best designs and quality with awesome prices. Shops are numbered there. Check accessories at shop no.3, handbags at shop no. 8, cotton pants at shop no. 9 and trendy outfits at shop no. 4. Though the prices are fixed and you won’t get a chance to enjoy the haggling here but whatever the tags are they are very much worth every rupee.

I love love hanging out at the up-town café which is the part of Norjin restaurant just outside the main entrance for the monastery.. Did I mentioned the Walnut pastry here is the answer to CCD’s Dark fantasy,, just a bit better though..




Next time you are planning for visiting Buddha Temple in Dehradun… you might try this new way.. its totally worth it.

(Note: This is not the promotional blog. All inputs are originally mine and I have not been hired to write this.