Himalayan Paradise- Manali

Hello lovely readers!

It seems that the blog is turning into the travelogue lately. Yes I am travelling more often than ever. Being an Aries, travel lust has been a part of my system always. It seems to surface now and manifesting in different folds. I am more of seeker by being. So this leads me at spiritual quest to Manali. It was the cheapest and the luxurious stay I had. Okay fine, I stayed at friend’s place. 😉 I didn’t visited touristy places surrounding the town rather just stayed and soaked myself in the divinity. The most fulfilling trip so far. A part in me will always long for Manali.

Few things not to be missed in Manali!

  • Go for forest walk- There is little pathway for Vanvihar starting from Hadimba Temple till Mall. It worth walking down. We plucked wild mushrooms and cooked dinner with it. Just be sure that you are very accurate in identifying the edible ones. Few of them can be poisonous. Just a caution.
  • Visit Apple orchards- If you are lucky enough to visit Manali in the apple season, paying visit to the apple orchard will transport you to another world. We stayed at the house surrounded by apple trees.
  • Leisure trekking- there are few small routes in old Manali for leisure trekking. These might lead you to some magical spots.

Now I will transport you to the Himalayan paradise!

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Have you been to Manali? I would love to know your story. Please share in the comments section.



Mussorie- a weekend trip

Hi People,

I am here with the new post. I went to Mussorie on a weekend trip. Now Mussorie in July turns into this surreal world, the way most Himalayan hill towns do. The air is crisp and fresh. You not only inhale the purity but also the mystic liveliness of the nature. If you are a nature freak like me, you have much of nothingness to do in place like Mussorie. However for the city folks you can have a planned foodwalk of its kind. However since I have been going there like forever, I have this routine I stick to when I am there. There is nothing much to buy, usual stuff and brands you can buy anywhere else.

Food walk- you should start from the library chauk and walk down till Domino’s then you can first stop at Amitash… amazing Tibetan food my personal favorite is veg fried momos. Within 10 foot walking distance you will see a very tiny place called Casa-Mia… awesome bakery, not more than a hole in the wall but it cane give run of money to many places in Delhi I know. My personal favorite is walnut brownie and fruit cream. After a small stroll you will come to chick chocolate, fancy café. Great for shakes and pizzas. Now walking a distance near the church you will see the best omelet shop in whole India. No that not my grading. India today gave this certificate to Lovely omelets and I completely second them. You might have to wait for hours darlings if not more to get the seat inside the tiny shop. But I tell you its totally worth it.
Turn your gear to relax mode and immerse yourself in the pristine washed surroundings. 🙂


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